CSR Bradford are promoting their Thermoseal Wall Wrap system as a way to have work on the interior of homes completed before, or at the same time as the external brickwork or cladding is completed. There is no mention of the extra complexity facing bricklayers having to work around this system and the extra time that that takes. No mention either of the failure of the wrap in some houses being constructed during storms. We have had bricklayers tell us that some homes being built during the last series of SA storms had significant leaks that saturated the internal plasterboard, and could lead to issues of mould as a result.

The claim is made that the product can save time by providing the following chart:

scheduling difference with reverse build

Note the only trade delay identified is for bricklayers. This magical product must also free up scheduling for all the other trades as well. Luckily bad weather doesn’t affect slabs being poured or roofing in marketing land.

This product is being promoted to builders. If you are building a home through a builder, we would recommend that you check if this system is being used, and if it is, insist on inspecting the site after any bad weather. The building industry could look at increasing the numbers of bricklaying apprentices as a way to overcome trade shortages. Offering extra incentives and streamlining administration of apprenticeships could all go a long way towards overcoming labour shortages in certain trades. Note that bricklaying has been on the National Skills Shortage list for most of the decade.