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FCTA – Building Careers offers Certificate I, II & III qualifications as well as short courses across a range of trades. Scroll down for information on our short courses.

Certificate II in Construction (CPC20112)

This is a 10 week course offered to people looking at gaining an apprenticeship, or looking for introductory skills across multiple trades. This qualification is sometimes referred to as Pre-Apprenticeship or Pre-Voc courses.

Certificate III in Brick and Block Laying (CPC30111)

This is a course available to people who have already gained an apprenticeship in bricklaying. Apprenticeships vary from 3 to 4 years. Some of the units of competence can be delivered onsite, but it is not possible to deliver this qualification fully onsite. More complex units require attendance at trade school, the timing of this can be flexible.

Certificate III in Solid Plastering (CPC31011)

This course is available to people who have already gained an apprenticeship, or are full fee paying. The most common examples of solid plastering are the popular trends of rendering the front of existing brick homes, rendering over hebel and the restoration of old buildings that contain ornate plastering.

Certificate III in Wall & Ceiling Lining (CPC31211)

This qualification is no longer offered.

Certificate III in Wall & Floor Tiling (CPC31311)

This course is only available for people who have already gained an apprenticeship or are full fee paying students. Tilers work in various areas of the construction industry. Current trends have exterior tiles and stones emerging on both commercial and domestic buildings. Unlike a lot of trades Tilers usually work indoors most of the time. Almost every type of building will require some tiling to be done, so this is a trade that offers insulation from declines in new home builds or commercial work. It is also becoming increasingly common for people to renovate their bathrooms more often.

Certificate III in Stonemasonry (CPC32313)

Short courses are available through out the year. Please note that completing a short course does not qualify you as a tradesperson. Licensed tradespeople either complete an apprenticeship, or apply to the licensing board with evidence of 3plus years experience. Without an apprenticeship a technical interview may be required. If you require assistance preparing for a technical interview call Sam Cottell 0430206032

The South Australian Government requires all tradespeople applying for a license to complete these 2 subjects

Contractors License Course

  1. Apply Legal Requirements – Saturday & Sunday
  2. Manage Small Business Finance – Saturday & Sunday


  1. An Introduction to the Basics – 1 week
  2. Screeding and Surface Preparation – 1 week
  3. Tessellated & Mosaics – 1 week

Solid Plastering

  1. Acrylic Rendering (Texture Coat) – 3 days
  2. Sand & Cement Rendering – 1 week
  3. Rendering Quoins & Banding – 1 week