Our latest Pre-Apprenticeship (Cert II Construction) course finishes in 2 weeks, and we have a new group starting on 28th April. We have been running these courses for quite awhile, and have had some great results. Even before this course finished, Owen secured a bricklaying apprenticeship within the first month!

We have a variety of people in the pre-apprenticeship courses, aged anywhere from 16 – 45. People looking for new careers, students who have just left high school, and job seekers. In the last 12 months we’ve had some great student outcomes.

Aiden was 18 when he completed the Cert II course with us last year. After the course finished Aiden came back to us for a week to refresh his knowledge. That week we helped place him into work experience, which ultimately led to an apprenticeship in Tiling.

Phil was one of the youngest students we had trained. He had never won an award before, but was awarded most outstanding pre-apprentice student in 2012. Without a drivers licence, but with a great work ethic, we assisted Phil in securing a bricklaying apprenticeship in 2013.

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Alex completed our pre-apprenticeship course in 2012 and was studying another course when we had an employer contact us seeking an apprentice. Alex was committed to finding an apprenticeship, and was a great example of how students who focus and apply themselves during the courses can increase their chances of finding work.


Julian was a mature aged student, running his own business, but set on making the career change into the building industry. Before the course finished Julian was able to gain an apprenticeship in Tiling.

The typical requests we get from employers is that they want someone who:

  • is reliable
  • has completed, or is studying a Cert II Construction course
  • has a licence and car
  • has a good work ethic & can get themselves out of bed early (do not underestimate this!)
  • is physically fit

Our next Pre-Apprenticeship course starts April 28th. Contact us on 8367 5615 to apply.