Our goal at FCTA – Building Careers is to offer employers flexibility with training. We can co-ordinate onsite assessments of units where apprentices are completing specific tasks – for example mosaic tiling, applying basic levelling procedures, constructing bulkheads and other units. We offer flexibility in timing, so an apprentice can be sent in to trade school when you are in between jobs, ill, on holiday or without enough work for all your employees. We can train apprentices on a specific unit if you have a job coming up that requires specific skills, such as installing pre-cast mouldings, or building a fireplace.

FCTA – Building Careers has been offering onsite assessments for apprentices for over 10 years. Occasionally during this time we have had employers request full onsite assessment, with no attendance at trade school. This is not possible. Quality training of all units of an apprenticeship cannot be delivered solely onsite. Some examples of these units are decorative bricklaying, glass block work, fireplaces, tiling curved surfaces and restoring solid plasterwork, to name a few. These units are not part of most builders everyday jobs. They do form part of the training package for apprentices though, and we are obligated to ensure apprentices are trained in all areas of their qualification.

For regional apprentices we offer help in finding accommodation when attendance is required. For apprentices with prior experience we can offer ‘Recognition of Prior Learning’ (RPL) assessment, that may reduce the time required at trade school. For employers snowed under by paperwork, we can offer assistance with claiming incentives. If at any time you need advice or help about your apprentice we are available on phone, or email. We offer quality training, and provide assistance and flexibility to all employers and their apprentices.