The skills of yesteryear are still desperately needed today but a lack of awareness means few people are training for what are often very lucrative careers.

Such is the demand that experts say workers can virtually name their price, with many people offered jobs before they qualify in their trade.

“Stonemasonry is a very well paying trade, which I don’t think many people realise,’’ says Trisch Baff, chief executive of FCTA – Building Careers, which offers a certificate III stonemasonry qualification.

“There’s a bit of a romantic view of what a stonemason is.

“People think they will be carving roses into stone but it’s physically demanding – we’re not using power tools, we’re using a chisel.’’

A chronic shortage of stonemasons across Australia has forced employers to turn to workers who have some experience but have not yet completed their qualifications.

Despite this, two-thirds of vacancies still remain unfilled, the Federal Government’s latest skills shortage report for the profession states.


Lauren Ahwan, January 12, 2021 – 6:00AM, News Corp Australia Network

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