Employer Incentives

Updated 19th July 2016

The most commonly asked question we get from employers is “what incentives are available if I put on an apprentice?”  To help answer this we have compiled all the information we can find in one area, including links to the pages to check the latest details. This information changes quite often, so for the latest information check with the individual organisations listed, or your apprentice broker, eg Business SA, MEGT, MAS National/ CEG. WorkReady have a very helpful website that covers a lot of good information, visit http://www.skills.sa.gov.au/apprenticeships-traineeships/employing-an-apprentice-or-trainee

How do I sign up an apprentice?

You can read our step by step guide by clicking this link, or contact the Australian Apprenticeship Centre (AAC) on 13 38 73 for referral advice, or visit  www.australianapprenticeships.gov.au. An AAC assists employers with the processes involved in registering a new apprentice, engaging an appropriate training organisation and managing the payment of Australian Apprenticeship Program incentives (where applicable).

A staff member will come to you, on the job, and organise your papers as well as arrange any applicable government incentives. Generally, this service to the employer and the apprentice is “Free of Charge”.


Employer Support

The CITB provides a range of support funding to assist in meeting the skills profile requirements of the Construction Industry. Employers may have eligible apprentices and trainees who will be eligible for employer support payments.

If you require additional assistance or help and are thinking of taking on an Apprentice there are two options available to you:

  • Either employ an Apprentice directly, or
  • Hire one through a Group Training Organisation (GTO).

Eligibility – http://citb.org.au/Apprentice/TuitionFunding/Eligibility/tabid/116/Default.aspx

Funding Schedule – http://citb.org.au/Apprentice/FundingSchedule/tabid/129/Default.aspx

Once your Company is registered, ask your Apprentice to register with the CITB, quoting your ABN, which links them to your Organisation. They will need their Contract of Training (COT) Number together with their personal details.

SA Employer Subsidies: Please discuss with your Apprenticeship Broker (the person who brings out the paperwork to sign up apprentices) to make sure you are aware of any changes.

These are paid when the apprentice has been working at the following time intervals:

$1500 commencement incentive from the Federal Govt at 6 month milestone

$2500 CITB incentive at 12 month milestone

$2500 CITB incentive at 24 month milestone

$2500 CITB incentive at 36 month milestone

$2500 CITB incentive at 48 month milestone

$2500 completion payment from the Federal Govt at the completion of the contract

PLUS: Exemption from the Return To Work (WorkCover) levy

There are special incentive payments available for BRICKLAYERS only, from the Australian Brick & Block Training Foundation:

ABBTF (Bricklayers only) http://www.abbtf.com.au/sa/sa-bricklayer-employer-incentives/

ABBTF is the only trade body in Australia providing financial support to its industry members.   The Brickstart Subsidy provides up to $3,000 in wage support over three years for bricklayers and builders directly employing bricklaying apprentices – with $1,000 paid on the satisfactory completion of each of the first three years of the apprenticeship.

WorkCover/ Return to Work SA remuneration exemption

Employers are also entitled to a WorkCover/ Return to Work SA exemption for apprentices and/or trainees whom they employ.

Quick Links:
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Payroll Tax Rebates are being considered again! Refer to – www.revenuesa.sa.gov.au
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