THE AUSTRALIAN tradies who make the most money have been revealed. One trade is able to charge nearly has much as $100 per hour.

WHEN you think of high-paying jobs, doctors and lawyers usually come to mind. But it turns out being a tradie can be just as lucrative.

New data shows just how much money tradies are making and it’s big bucks. Very big bucks.

The trade that pockets the most cash has been revealed, and it’s not plumbers or electricians — although they follow closely behind.

A newly released tradie rich list for the 2018 financial year has removalists from NSW in the top spot with their charge-out rates rising to a whopping $95.21 per hour. In 2017 their average hourly rate was $88.49 per hour.

The data, which was broken down state by state, shows that South Australian removalists also managed to top their state’s list for highest-paid tradies, despite a drop in hourly rates from $102.32 in 2017 to $94.83 per hour in 2018.

The national average for removalists was $93.24 per hour.

In second place were plumbers, earning $10 per hour less ($83.04) than the average Aussie removalists, followed by electricians, handymen and carpenters.

The list is rounded off by landscapers, plasterers, gardeners, painters and cleaners, who are in tenth spot with an average hourly wage of $33.41.

According to job quote website ServiceSeeking’s data, handymen were the biggest mover in terms of percentage change, with an increase in charge-out rates by 11.97 per cent.

Plumbers in Western Australia and NSW come in third and fourth place, charging $92.22 and $90.83 per hour respectively.

In fifth place are removalists from WA, earning $90.35 per hour.

Pushing Queensland builders into sixth spot was their huge increase in rates of 32.73 per cent. Last year their average hourly rate was $66.77 and this year it spiked to $88.63.

Next are removalists from Queensland followed by WA electricians with removalists and plumbers from Victoria rounding out the top ten.


Source: NSW removalists named highest-paid tradies in Australia