FCTA trainer, Warren Baff, has just finished running a one week course, sponsored by the CITB, training tradespeople in Decorative Fibrous Plastering.

Fibrous Plastering covers the ornate work you see in some buildings such as ceiling roses, cornices and other features. The group was made up of people already working in the building industry, who wanted to take advantage of the fully funded training offered by the CITB. These courses are a great way of gaining new skills and building on existing knowledge, we had students aged in their 20’s through to their 50’s.

Over the week the students learnt to run moulds, created arches the old fashioned way, and learn some of the skills that are at risk of being lost. The CITB run courses similar to this throughout the year, our trainer Phil Sweet recently attended the Artisan Stonemasonry course at Bimbowrie Station in the far north, and is still raving about it! If you are interested in similar courses, you can contact the CITB on 8172 9500 or visit www.citb.org.au.