Course Dates:
As we have been unable to source a facility in Pt Augusta, the January 17th course is currently on hold while we investigate options. It is possible we may move the location to Whyalla. Please check back for updates.

Pt Lincoln commences 14th February 2011 | Pt Lincoln Course Brochure.

Funding for students is covered under the Australian Apprenticeships ACCESS programme, set up through Campbell Page. You are eligible if you are an Australian resident and registered with Centrelink. For more details, please download our brochures. The course will be run by FCTA trainer Phil Sweet, who has over 25 years experience in the trade. The focus of the course is to develop a set of skills to support students looking for work as a bricklayer or labourer. Our emphasis will be on developing practical skills. Training will be in a simulated work site, not a classroom. For more details, or to arrange an interview, please call 8367 5615, or email [email protected].