The WorkReady A-Z About Apprentices

The SA Government has put together a detailed booklet about all things relating to apprenticeships. Everything from what an apprentice is, to the ratio of supervisors to apprentices required can be found by clicking this link to the WorkReady website. This is an excellent resource for people who are considering hiring an apprentice.

For information about wages read our post for a summary and contact FairWork to confirm.

For information about incentives, read our updated post

Are you paying your apprentice correctly? Fair Work are about to start checking

There are few things in business more complicated than hiring an apprentice. Recruitment issues aside, once you have found the person to employ you have to deal with a variety of different government and private companies to sign up your apprentice and try to grow your business at the same time. One very scary part of the process is working out the pay rate!


To be absolutely clear, it is the employers responsibility to find out the correct rate and entitlements from Fair Work. Apprentice brokers, Trade Schools can all give you a guide, but if we tell you the wrong information, it’s the employer that wears the consequence. Understandably this is why many people you talk to will refuse to give you a guide about pay.

Fair Work have just announced that they will be running an educational campaign to let you know about rates and responsibilities. Its well worth visiting their website to find out more.