So Why Cant We Give Employers What They Want And Deliver Apprentice Training Solely Onsite?

We get a lot of requests to assess apprentices onsite instead of having them come into trade school. The problem is, its virtually impossible to offer 100% onsite. We have never offered this, but we have had employers tell us third parties have said 100% onsites are offered. So why cant we give employers what they want and deliver solely onsite?

Apprentice training has to follow specific government and industry endorsed training packages. Some of these sound simple, like Tile Curved Surfaces – but then you read the training package and some very specific requirements are needed. Apprentices must tile a circular concrete column of a minimum of 360mm diameter & 1 metre high abutting a concrete flat wall, continuing the tiling to 150mm radius from the column. There’s more, apprentices must also tile a standard door archway in a fibre cement sheet wall… and on it goes. Each trade, each unit, has very specific requirements that must be completed by apprentices. Often this cannot be replicated on the job site.

What we can offer is a mix of onsite visits and a flexible timetable for training. A suggested timetable is sent out  Instead of being given specific times that your apprentices must come in, we are happy to work around times that suit you. That means if a job has been cancelled or delayed, you can send your apprentice in for training by just giving us a call the day before. FCTA – Building Careers strives to put employers and apprentices first. Call us on 8367 5615 to discuss your training needs.