Make the CITB’s “My Profiling” app a priority for all apprentices in 2016.

Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 9.54.55 amLast year the CITB rolled out a new way for employers and apprentices to track the skills and work apprentices undertake. It’s via a simple smartphone app that can be downloaded following this link. It takes a few minutes Friday afternoon for apprentices to login and record what they have done for the week. So if they spent 1 hour each day preparing the site, they click on that image and enter 5 hours for the week. This will now be the way the CITB processes incentive payments to employers, so its worth a small amount of effort each week.

If anyone is unsure about the app or would like to be given a demonstration in person, just call us on 83675615 to set up a time. Apprentices will be reminded each day they attend trade school to log their work into my profiling as well.
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