Jim Baff Scholarship: places offered in Certificate II Construction – applications open for 13th October 2014 course

dad smilingFCTA – Building Careers offers a limited number of fee free training scholarships as part of the Jim Baff Scholarship programme. Jim founded FCTA in 2001 with a goal to deliver quality training with the flexibility that the building industry needs. As a former Rotary member and Rotary President, Jim had a strong desire to offer community assistance to people who had a good work ethic and wanted to change their lives via a career in the building industry. As part of this philosophy we offer a limited number of fee free places to people who may not be able to study, be that because of funding ineligibility, disability or visa status for new Australians.

FCTA – Building Careers is committed to offering all South Australians a chance to receive quality training in the building industry. This amounts to thousands of dollars worth of training, that FCTA absorbs.

To those students who have received free training from us, we are proud of your accomplishments. Word of mouth has spread in some communities about this scholarship service, and we now have regular requests. Unfortunately we cannot offer this service to more than 1 student per Cert II level course, and 1 student at Cert III level. Our funding was recently reduced by 5% across all our training, and material costs keep increasing.We have reached the maximum number of unfunded places available for this financial year.

If you would like to apply for future consideration in the next financial year, please email [email protected]. We have already accepted a placement for our next course commencing July 21st, but there is still a place available for the Cert II course commencing Monday October 13th 2014.