Apprentice Trade Support Loans

Apprentices are now able to have their wages ‘topped up’ via the Governments ‘Trade Support Loan’ scheme. Apprentices need to fill in an application form with their apprenticeship broker, sometimes called an “AAC” these are the people who come out to sign up apprentices formally.

Unfortunately trade schools, and employers are unable to do this for you. This is because the Government wants to make it clear that this is a loan that requires repayment once your income is over $50,000pa.

It’s a way to help apprentices keep their cars on the road, help with living expenses, and keep their tools up to date. Each 6 months apprentices will be asked if they want to continue receiving the loan payments, this is what they mean when they say ‘opt in’.

For full details, call you apprentice broker, if you don’t know who that is, call us and we can help find out who it was. Attached is a flyer with more details.